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I want to share (or at least document), my experiences with my Macbook Pro and Mac OSX !

LTE available for iPhone 5

Beginning of January, Swisscom made a “network” update and I had to reboot my iPhone5. I though it was to finally run LTE on it, but after some tests and researches, I found that it was not working. Finally, yesterday Apple provided the iOS 6.1 update (See it’s press release). This update includes also a “Carrier software” update.

I’m now ready with LTE, as you can see:

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 7.43.05 AM

You have to activate it on your iPhone, as mentioned on the Swisscom Website and as shown here below. I’ve made some rapid Speed tests near the railway mainstation in Fribourg, and I can reach 7 to 8 Mb/s Download speed, quite nice !

LTE_001 LTE_005

IP Release, Renew, and Flush DNS (OSX)

Sometimes it is usefull to manipulate the IP configuration of your MAC, those commands will allow you to manipulate the local DNS cache and the DHCP address assignement.

DNS cache

To flush the DNS cache, open the Terminal. (Go > Utilities > Terminal, and type in the following command:

dscacheutil -flushcache
DHCP Address

To Release and then renew the IP address on a mac:

sudo ipconfig set en0 BOOTP 
sudo ipconfig set en0 DHCP 

You can alias the two together in your bash profile:

alias renew="sudo ipconfig set en0 BOOTP && sudo ipconfig set en0 DHCP" 

You will find DHCP client lease information in an appropriately named interface file in the /var/db/dhcpclient/leases directory.

OSX Parental Controls and Youtube

Apple made great operating systems with a lot of useful (and sometimes not) applications and features. But when upgrading from Lion to Mountain Lion, the parental controls introduced a bug: is no more allowed. Update to version 10.8.1 didn’t solved the issue, but it seems that Appleis aware about this issue.The workaround is to use the httpS connection to youtube and it works fine. Let’s see if Apple will resolve this problem in the next update….