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iOS 5 is out !

iPhone iOS 5.0 is out today. I “tried” to upgrade my iPhone 4 this evening. I had the same issue as mentioned here :¬† The apple servers (or the network) were overloaded, and the upgrade was not so “easy” to install, as it require connection to the Apple server, also for the recovery process (why ?). After 5 attempts, I finally have the iOS 5 on my phone ! As I got a lot of applications on it, to restore all of them took about 1 hour to go through. Quite frustrating ! I had to wait until I could test all the 200 features of this new version (I will probably test only a few of them ;-).

Happy playing with this new version !

iPhone AirPrint on Shared printers

You don’t have any AirPrint Printers now, but would like to print from your iPhone, just try this installation:

    • Download and install AirPrintHaktivator (works on 10.6.5 , we will see on 10.6.6!), then activate AirPrint on you mac.

    The printer will appear on your iPhone when your print something (with ios version 4.2). The created PDF will appear in the /Users/Shared/CUPS-PDF directory, just create an alias on your desktop to access them !